25 million CHF for Big Data Research in Switzerland

The Federal Council entrusted the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) with the implementation of a research programme dedicated to the development of solutions to improve the security and efficiency of Big Data’s use.

The Federal Council launched three new National Research Programmes (NRP), one of which will be devoted to the development of Big Data’s solutions. With a budget of CHF 25 million, the NRP for Big Data will provide the basis for an adequate and efficient way to use the growing volume of data in different societal domains. The government press release specifies that the research projects will deliver the necessary scientific basis for the development of innovative solutions to use Big Data in different sectors (data analysis, algorithm, cryptology, data management, security and access control).

The use of Big Data will be subject to an analysis of the security issues regarding data and systems, as well as regulating measures to insure the data and private sphere protection.

In parallel to this NRP, the Federal Council launched a second NRP to improve the Swiss health system. In this framework, the research will aim to optimise the availability, the accessibility, the matching and the comparability of medical data. To see the press release click here.



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