Month: November 2015

A Big Data Primer

Written by Prof. Dr. Philippe Cudre-Mauroux, University of Fribourg

Far from today’s buzz, Big Data emerged as a new topic a decade ago as a result of two conflicting developments: the explosion of available data on one hand, and new hurdles hampering the evolution of database management systems on the other hand. As data was rapidly growing through the wider deployment of sensing and Web technologies, data management was facing unprecedented issues: limited progress on the hardware front (with stagnating CPU frequencies and inefficient storage media), as well as the appearance of new data types and query workloads (sensor data, social Web data, analytics).




“Telecom Paristech’s “Big Data” Post-Master’s is the First Program of This Kind to Have Been Created in France.”

Written by Maxime Goin and Le Thy Nguyen, Embassy of Switzerland in France

Data scientists are a scarce and valuable commodity. A study made by Gartner three years ago was already putting up the warning sign: if the public and private education systems would not adapt quickly, there would not be enough talent in the industry and only one-third of the IT jobs would be filled. In Europe, French schools were in the front line to provide a new education frame for “data scientists”.  In September 2013, Telecom ParisTech was the first institution in France to launch a “Big Data” Post-Master’s Degree program. Stéphan Clémençon, teacher – researcher at Telecom ParisTech and holder of the “Machine Learning for Big Data” Chair, tells us more about the development of this program and the new challenges ahead.